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Destiny Analysis Report – BaZi


Destiny Analysis Report helps you to explore the true potential of your personality and uncover all treasures and talents to excel in life!




Using the time-tested BaZi (Chinese Astrology) knowledge, Chief FengShui expert Harrindra Dhruv and his team headed by Dr. Devanssh Dhruv have simplified the process to analyze your personality and skills, based on your birth date and time.

What Information do I need to provide?

Just your Birth Date and Birth Time.
Example – 31/12/1976 (dd/mm/yyyy) and Time – 1:20 pm (12 hour format)

What do you get in a Personalized Destiny Analysis Report?

  • Innate personality
  • Strengths and Talents
  • Successful Career for you
  • Best Business for you
  • Master’s Tips:
    Best period of life
    Includes 10 year period analysis for the next 20 years
    Exciting wealth period tips (helps you to understand what is the right time to acquire a lot of money)
    When and where to look for the opportunities that are coming your way
    Traveling stars to explore your work/business globally
    Best Relationship for you – Personal or Business partner
    When will you meet your right soul mate?
    Health tips (organ-specific) to help you make informed decisions in life
  • Personalized FengShui suggestions: Best directions to face while working, Best locations to have your main door, bedroom, office, working desk, and kitchen, Best Education corner for you, ONE SPECIFIC DIRECTION TO AVOID USING AT ANY COST IN LIFE!

Note: The report contains a lot more information that can be used to help you make better-informed decisions in life and also assists you to tap into the right opportunity at the right time!

Based on the results of BaZi calculations, we can explore our ‘destiny’ in important areas like family, friends, relationships, wealth, health, fame, recognition, opportunities, career, education, partnership, business, and almost every other important aspect of our lives.

It has the reputation of being the most authentic and accurate means for predicting an individual’s destiny today. Every destiny reading is distinct for each individual, giving a larger and holistic picture to make appropriate decisions so as to optimally achieving our potential.


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