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Fengshui gave me career opportunity. My name is Bhoomika Makwana, and living in Toronto, Ontario. I really had wonderful experience with Fengshui and BaZi destiny report. To be honest I was very frustrated with job finding since a year and even I applied bunch of job applications even I didn’t got any calls for simply interview, but when I approached Devansh and he came my place he worked on destiny report and he suggested to do some simple changes in my home. And after that changes within 2 weeks I got job. So that’s amazing experience with him. Really appreciated and highly recommended to everyone for any of your concerns Thank you.
Bhoomika Makwana
Ontario, Canada
Meeting Dr. Devansh Dhruv and Sir Harrindra Dhruv has been one of the most interesting, eye opening and life changing experience. The knowledge they have if applied you can literally change your life ! Highly Recommend !
Maitri Bheda
Thank you very much for your kind gesture. I greatly appreciated the friendly and consistent information related to my destiny chart. I find extremely useful the information about the feng shui and related actions for this year. Once again, a big thank you to Mr. Harrindra and his team!!!
Very Good Service For Birth destiny Chart Analysis for my kids and Home FengShui I recommend this service for all who is interested in authenticate Fengshui...
Kishore Bande
It was amazing experience and we came to know our ways of improvements and strength through which we can be better in life and achieve sucesss with our destiny reports. It was so helpful session.. Really appreciated...!!! ☺
Roshni Naik
Fengshui really did wonders! I hardly knew anything about Fengshui before I met Mr.Dhruv. But once I learnt more about it, I can say I am a true believer. Following the recommendation made by Mr.Dhruv, has brought about a profound change in many aspects of my life. The attention to detail and knowledge required to practice this science is phenomenal. If you ever need to learn more about Fengshui or bring about positive change in your life, I can confidently say that Mr. Harrindra, Dr.Devanssh, and his team are the right people for the job. Best wishes
Dr.Sachin Gavali
They are doing really great work. I was personally benefited a lot.
Dr Rohan
Dear Harrindrabhai, Greetings! I am really glad to write a testimonial for you. Our life was messed before we met Harrindrabhai with so many problems pending on our head. My son was in 12th. We were not clear about his future. My wife was giving the prestigious exam of CMT- Chartered Market Technician from MTA, USA. The result was pending and we were not so much hope to clear the exam as it is too difficult one and there are only 3000 CMT worldwide. Chances were less to clear this exam. Also, We had a financial crisis. All of this problem was solved after doing the changes according to the guidance of Harindrabhai. My son topped in Comedk exam of Karnataka and got admission in a prestigious college of Bangalore (BMS college of Engineering). My wife cleared the CMT Exam with very good marks and became the first CMT trainer of Gujarat. Our Financial condition is on track now and life is much peaceful. We wish to get his guidance even in the future to make our life healthy, wealthy and prosperous. We admire his promptness to revert whenever we are in doubts. He is really master of Fengshui as we have got the good result of the positive energy This was unbelievable that Feng Shui can change the life in this way very rapidly. We are and going to remain the client of Harindrabhai forever. Thanks a lot
Rajesh Mehta
A unique combination of Feng Shui and homoeopathy gives a premium service for overall growth and prosperity. It has helped me immensely in my life. thank you.
Hello, Over these last few years, I and my family have been following Mr Harrindra Dhruv's Feng Shui tips, knowledge and advices. We have seen many positive outcomes. His advice is very effective if you exactly follow the right method and procedure suggested by him. His procedure isn't rocket science, In fact, they are simple and easy to perform. The results are 95% times positive and work in our favour. His advice has helped me and my family on many crucial occasions in our life. Words won't be enough to thank him. We are blessed to have his support and knowledge.
Hello Sir, I got my Basic Feng Shui Report by subscribing to your service. It will be very helpful while choosing the best direction in every situation. The report is quite self-explanatory. I must say your team put an extra effort and personal interest in preparing this report. Cheers to you & your whole team for the extra-ordinary plus speedy service !!!
Dear Harrindra Sir, Thanks a lot for sharing such a valuable source of feng shui knowledge through this platform. Your guidance, deep feng-shui knowledge, quick remedies, ideas and its implementation - are really appreciating !!! Best wishes !!!
Sir, thanks for your guidance, I am happy to see all your services now available on your website, it would be really helpful for many of us to connect to you through this platform.
Dear Mr.Harrindra, It was a wonderful opportunity to meet you and my house Feng Shui done by you, it has indeed helped me and my family a lot in all these years. We still remember how you made us realize what effects our old house had on us in terms of financial instability and health issues, thanks to you that we met you at right time before moving into new house and are really grateful to you! Many thanks!
Dear Harrindra, I have been knowing you since past 15 years and have been so glad to see your style of working and helping whoever meet you. I am happy that my house has now harmony and to talk in your language thanks for activating my health, wealth and relationship starts. Sometimes its difficult to understand how can some simple measures suggested by you can make such a big shift in our life. Happy to be associated with you for all these years. Love and regards
Hello sir, Thank you for always solving my doubts when i am really stuck up with some or the other issues. i really appreciate your help. best wishes.
Dear Mr Harrindra, I really appreciate your auspicious date service which you send on the regular basis. It has always helped me to take correct decisions in my meetings. I highly recommend this to everyone on my team to get benefits of this service.
Mr Harrindra Sir, best wishes for your new venture, you really have a great potential.Benefit as many as people you can by your knowledge of Feng Shui. Thanks and Regards
Nayan Shah
Thank you for suggesting me regarding career profile, it helped me to choose the appropriate business for myself and I am really excelling high. Your Fengshui report analysis was way accurate and helpful.
Your suggestions are always useful. Thank you for all your help sir.
Wonderful service. Very impressive and result oriented. Using auspicious date service since last 2 years and it has almost always helped me in taking the right decision on my best days. Thanks.
Dear Mr Harrindra and team, Thanks for your visit and clarifying our misconceptions about Feng Shui, until now we thought placing some objects and artefacts with colours was Feng Shui but now our outlook has totally changed and discovered what this deep science is all about. Best Wishes.
We are experiencing peace and positivity by making changes as suggested by you at our home, thank you sir. Best wishes.
Dear Harrindra Sir, Thank you for your yearly visit. May this monkey year bring good fortune for our family, it wathe s pleasure to meet you again.