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Our Goals

The request for FengShui consultations is continuously growing worldwide. Now more than ever clients are requesting the ancient art of FengShui to be integrated with their designs to help bring them abundance, wellness, and positive growth.

FengShui is an ancient, natural science that gives us insights on how to create healthier and more successful living and working environments. Because each building is unique, each has to be treated specially. Ultimately all occupants of a building can benefit from it having good FengShui. By learning how to analyze the unique pattern of a building or property you’ll be able to prevent potential issues by making adjustments with its design during the first development stage.

These FengShui modules will help you address your client’s needs, as well as teach you how to integrate the principles in your own living and working environments. Students will benefit from Mr.Harrindra’s almost 20+ years of skills and knowledge acquired from working full-time herself as a successful, international FengShui professional.

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Fengshui For Beginners

In this program, you will learn how to properly use professional, Scientific FengShui and how to integrate it with your architectural, interior design, or landscape business. Experience a simple and practical way of learning FengShui with multiple case studies and demonstration. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how to change Qi (Energy) in your house and business space to increase creativity, productivity, and create ultimate success.

This program is specially designed for FengShui Consultants and students who have completed our Module 1. It will help you to gain insight into various advance theories of FengShui, its utility and applications.



FengShui Audit

Application of FengShui for health, wealth, relations, education and career planning


Auspicious Date Selection

How about making your things happen on the right day! Plan your important events with our date selection service


Second Opinion

Get our expert opinion for your clients, making your analysis more strong and accurate


Feedback From Our Valuable Customers

Dear Harrindra Sir, Thank you for your yearly visit. May this monkey year bring good fortune for our family, it wathe s pleasure to meet you again.
We are experiencing peace and positivity by making changes as suggested by you at our home, thank you sir. Best wishes.
Dear Mr Harrindra and team, Thanks for your visit and clarifying our misconceptions about Feng Shui, until now we thought placing some objects and artefacts with colours was Feng Shui but now our outlook has totally changed and discovered what this deep science is all about. Best Wishes.
Wonderful service. Very impressive and result oriented. Using auspicious date service since last 2 years and it has almost always helped me in taking the right decision on my best days. Thanks.
Your suggestions are always useful. Thank you for all your help sir.
Thank you for suggesting me regarding career profile, it helped me to choose the appropriate business for myself and I am really excelling high. Your Fengshui report analysis was way accurate and helpful.
Mr Harrindra Sir, best wishes for your new venture, you really have a great potential.Benefit as many as people you can by your knowledge of Feng Shui. Thanks and Regards
Nayan Shah
Dear Mr Harrindra, I really appreciate your auspicious date service which you send on the regular basis. It has always helped me to take correct decisions in my meetings. I highly recommend this to everyone on my team to get benefits of this service.