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Planning An Important Event In Your Life? Or Buying A New House?

Don’t you experience some days where every move and decision falls right in place, whereas there are some days where not a single thing falls right, in spite of utmost care?

Your logical mind doesn’t believe when all that you’ve carefully planned goes all wrong, so you’ve done your preparations and taken every measure to make sure that nothing goes wrong for the important events in life. Yet, it still does.

Auspicious Date Selection service gives a solution to the above-mentioned mysteries and doubts.

How about making your things happen on the right day and make this your best month ever. Know what these days have in store for you, Get your free one-month subscription now!


Auspicious Date Selection refers to planning an event on a specific date and time as per ZeRi calculations which suits appropriate for the best outcome. Commonly known as ‘Shubh Muhurat’ in many Indian traditions.

It is said “all that starts well ends well”

So if you start any of your new ventures such as buying a new house, wedding date selection, or planning an important meeting on one of your auspicious days then it is bound to give you better and more satisfying results!

List of situations where you can use this service to avail yourself benefits!

  • Wealth star activation
  • Land, flat, shop selection
  • Moving into a new house
  • Wedding date selection
  • Renovation
  • Launching a new business or product
  • Start-up project
  • Important meetings
  • Conducting events
  • Long-distance traveling
  • Competitive exam dates, if applicable
  • Job interview
  • Starting a partnership project
  • Settling a pending matter
  • Romantic date
  • Film release date

If you are looking out for any of these, then our date selection service will be immensely helpful to you. Keep track of all the days in a year well in advance and know which days would give you the best results and which dates you need to be careful about every month!

Just your Birth Date and Birth Time.
Example – 31/12/1976 and Time – 15:20
(It is fine if you are not sure about your birth time.)

If in a BaZi (Astrology) Chart, an incompatibility is detected between a couple, the right timing for marriage can help soften the potential strain and in some cases, may even help sustain the length and endurance of the relationship despite the incompatibility.

There are many theories in Chinese for date selection. We use the most widely used theory called Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection.

Date selection equates to choosing the most ‘fertile’ time for planting the seeds of action in the hope of a promising harvest.

FengShui Consultants often advise their clients ‘when’ to implement changes as the wrong timing could often cause more problems than before.

Check the below image, to see how your “good and bad day Auspicious Date Selection Service” will look like!

Kindly note:

  1. These dates only denote in general day’s influence, which means even if the day itself is good or bad it does not mean that everyone on this planet will enjoy the same auspicious or inauspicious influence i.e. Consider if any day is an inauspicious Fire Goat day, but if the person is a Strong Wood person, he will be benefited a lot more than others.
  2. This date works best if used wisely. Not to be used for speculative or gambling purposes.
  3. Auspicious Date Selection Service has no guarantee, but a logical derivation of an age-old tradition used by many.

If you are looking out for an auspicious time (Shubh Muhurat) on any particular day then feel free to contact us with your details at


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Feedback From Our Valuable Customers

Dear Harrindra Sir, Thank you for your yearly visit. May this monkey year bring good fortune for our family, it wathe s pleasure to meet you again.
We are experiencing peace and positivity by making changes as suggested by you at our home, thank you sir. Best wishes.
Dear Mr Harrindra and team, Thanks for your visit and clarifying our misconceptions about Feng Shui, until now we thought placing some objects and artefacts with colours was Feng Shui but now our outlook has totally changed and discovered what this deep science is all about. Best Wishes.
Wonderful service. Very impressive and result oriented. Using auspicious date service since last 2 years and it has almost always helped me in taking the right decision on my best days. Thanks.
Your suggestions are always useful. Thank you for all your help sir.
Thank you for suggesting me regarding career profile, it helped me to choose the appropriate business for myself and I am really excelling high. Your Fengshui report analysis was way accurate and helpful.
Mr Harrindra Sir, best wishes for your new venture, you really have a great potential.Benefit as many as people you can by your knowledge of Feng Shui. Thanks and Regards
Nayan Shah
Dear Mr Harrindra, I really appreciate your auspicious date service which you send on the regular basis. It has always helped me to take correct decisions in my meetings. I highly recommend this to everyone on my team to get benefits of this service.



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