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Mr. Harrindra Dhruv

Founder ; Chief FengShui Consultant

Harrindra Dhruv is the Chief FengShui Consultant and founder of The FengShui Academy. Popularly known for his simplicity, accuracy, and confidence.

He has been into learning and practicing Classical FengShui for over 26 years. More than 16102 clients have benefited to date. He has learned FengShui from various masters in Canada, Singapore,   Malaysia and the U.S.A. He travels extensively in India as well as abroad for FengShui consultations. He has benefited clients from India, Norway, Singapore, Dubai, Romania, the U.S.A, Hong Kong, the U.K., Canada, Nairobi and Croatia. He has achieved immense results in FengShui by using various theories and formulas like BaZi, 8 Mansions (Bazhai), Qi Men Dun Jia, Purple White, ZeRi (Date Selection), Flying Stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua.

Many Business tycoons, Builders, Retailers, Architects, Celebrities, Politicians, Directors, CEOs, Professionals, Lawyers and Doctors have benefited from his service. He has also helped many families through his ongoing social work. He conducts various seminars and courses in India and has also published articles in the World Journal Of Advanced Scientific Research regarding Classical FengShui.


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