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In our previous article, we explored the difference between Fate and Destiny!

We came to know that destiny is something we can actively shape and alter by selecting the choices from options given to us in our life.

Now, in this #DESTINY SERIES TWO let us understand the concept of THE 33% RULE before we move ahead with the most interesting topic called WHAT is Destiny Analysis and WHY is it ESSENTIAL for everyone?!

According to Chinese Metaphysics, destiny is determined by three factors, which are referred conventionally as Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.

Collectively Heaven-Earth-Man (天-地-人) are known as the Cosmic Trinity.

Heaven Luck – It refers to a person’s destiny analysis – BaZi. It determines your personal life traits, what you are born with, your talents, how far you can go, where you can go, what you can achieve, what you will have, what you won’t have, what you will love, what you will hate, who you will love.

Earth Luck – It refers to your personal FengShui – the place you live in and how the energies of that particular environment (your home, the landforms surrounding your home) affect your thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions. Your personal FengShui can either exaggerate the difficulties and obstacles present in your chart or reduce the impact of the challenges present within your Destiny analysis.

Man Luck – Man Luck refers to your actions, choices, decisions, specifically, conscious actions, choices and decisions. These are the things that you do or the things that you DON’T do that are entirely within your control. Man Luck is influenced by your Destiny Analysis and your FengShui. Your Destiny Analysis predisposes you to certain actions or decisions or thoughts, by virtue of your character. Your FengShui of your premises may aggravate negative aspects of your character, resulting in the wrong action or it may actually nudge you towards making the right direction.

Hope this article will help you grasp how the cosmic trinity of Heaven’s Luck, Earth Luck and Man’s Luck govern the success and prosperity in your life

Stay tuned with this #DESTINY SERIES, as in our next article; we will be sharing you interesting details about what exactly is a DESTINY ANALYSIS and HOW it can be extremely helpful in achieving success for EVERYONE!

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