What is Destiny Analysis? How can it help you?

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In our previous article, we explored THE 33% RULE, let us now understand WHAT is Destiny Analysis and HOW it can be helpful in various sectors of life in this #DESTINY SERIES THREE.

What is Destiny Analysis?

Destiny Analysis (BaZi) is a sophisticated art of Chinese fortune-telling based largely on the Chinese five-element theory, allowing us to investigate the potential and mysterious facets of our lives using our date and time of birth. This chart outlines events and life-path that are in store for you in the future. The events are predetermined to some extent but can be modified by the effects of your environment and your own free will to some extent.

What is the purpose of Destiny Analysis?

If your destiny is fixed, what is the point of knowing? It is very simple. If you don’t have a map, how do you know or reach your destination? By having a map, the road may not change, but a map at least gives you the direction and helps you choose the best route. Destiny analysis advises you how to go along with the flow and take advantage of it as opposed to fighting your destiny. It gives you the power to make an INFORMED DECISION

Destiny analysis is all about doing the right thing at the right time and being in the right place, to make the most of what destiny has in store for us.

Destiny Profile – A tool to understand yourself better

Every human being has a unique Destiny Profile. This profile represents our personal identity which consists of our attitudes, assumptions and expectations concerning ourselves, other people and our life. This unique set of factors determines whether we are optimistic or pessimistic, happy or sad, jovial or gloomy, trusting or suspicious, friendly or conservative, courageous or shy, patient or temperamental, logical or emotional.

Destiny Analysis – The Life-changing Potential

Destiny analysis calculation enables us to explore important areas such as family, friends, relationships, wealth, health, fame, recognition, best career option, studies, traveling stars, partnership, business and in almost every important aspect of our lives.

Take-Home Message

Destiny analysis shines a spotlight on your true nature so you can maximize your talents and potentials, excel at work, strengthen your relationships with others, improve weaknesses and make informed decisions based on your luck cycles. Understanding your destiny analysis will shed light on what makes you happy and what is achievable.

Stay tuned to this #DESTINY SERIES to discover opportunities and good luck in your life!


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