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Facing Direction is of the utmost importance in applying various formulas of FengShui, Many calculations are based on this information. Go through our explanation below for your reference. This will also guide you to send us accurate details before the consultation.

Every degree of the compass has its own story. Many calculations are based on this information. Facing of Building, Main Door, Gas Stove, Bed, Study Table and Working Desk is of important consideration in Classical FengShui Analysis.

Steps to take accurate Directions & Degree

Fig 1: Open the Main Door, Stand facing out and take your 1st reading of Direction & Degree.

Fig 2: Close the Main Door, Stand inside your house facing out and take your 2nd reading of Direction & Degree.

Fig 3: Stand at the middle of the unit facing out and take your 3rd reading of Direction & Degree.

Fig 4: Stand outside your house facing in and parallel to your Bungalow/Building and take your 4th reading of Direction & Degree.

Fig 5: Stand outside your Bungalow/Building facing towards Main Road keeping your back parallel to your Bungalow/Building and take your 5th reading of Direction & Degree.

How to know which is facing direction?

Criteria to select facing direction:

a) Bigger Side of Building

b) Main Gate of Building

c) Society Entrance

d) Internal Road

e) Name Plate of the Building

f) Movement of People (Frequently used)

Building 1 & 2 are East facing while building 3 is North facing.

1st and 2nd Building is facing only one road, so their facing will be definitely EAST

After Considering Criteria a) Bigger Side of Building, b) Main Gate of Building, c) Society Entrance and d) Internal Road,

We can say that 3rd Building is NORTH facing.


Even if the Main Gate for 3rd Building was at EAST Side, Criteria a) Bigger Side of Building, c) Society Entrance and d) Internal Road will still make the Building face NORTH and not EAST even though it has the Main Door.

Such careful considerations need to be taken.

Building with one road will always be considered as that road facing the building.

When Building has 2 roads, the road from which the maximum view of the Building is seen decides its facing.

Each Building has only 1 facing direction, irrespective of the flat/apartment being on the front or back side of the Building.

For the above example, criteria b) Main Gate of Building is EAST facing but as the Building is constructed with a tilt, so the facing for the following building will be NORTHEAST and not EAST

The facing direction for the both the Bungalows will be NORTH.

Knob Facing Direction

Knob Facing Direction also has its importance in Feng Shui analysis.
To know Knob Facing Direction, refer below images:

Head pointing direction on Bed

Refer below images:

Working Desk/Study Table Facing Direction

Refer below image:

Directions & Degree

East67.6 - 112.5
Southeast112.6 – 157.5
South157.6 – 202.5
Southwest202.6 – 247.5
West247.6 – 292.5
Northwest292.6 – 337.5
North 337.6 – 22.5
Northeast22.6 – 67.5

Sitting Direction is exactly opposite to Facing Direction

Fig 1: The Sitting direction of the Building will be SOUTHWEST, as Facing direction is NORTHEAST.

Fig 2: The Sitting direction for both the Buildings will be SOUTH, as Facing direction is NORTH.

Facing & Sitting Direction

Facing DirectionSitting Direction

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