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Wealth Opportunities for 2020!

We at The FengShui Academy acknowledge the current unprecedented global scenario of COVID-19 and wish good health, prosperity, and success to all the people across the globe. The main concern during these challenging times is to maintain our health, whilst also balancing our personal finances.

In the following article, I will walk you through some interesting Feng Shui ways to create financial opportunities!

You will need two important details in hand to proceed further.

Once, you have the above two details, check the following table to know the best wealth locations of your house.

House FacingBest Wealth Location
EastNW, W, S
SoutheastW, NW, SE
SouthSE, W, NE
SouthwestSW, NE, S
WestS, SW, NW
NorthwestSE, NW, SW
NorthS, NE, W
NortheastSW, NE, SE

Once you have marked the wealth sectors of your property, you will need to carefully pay attention to which direction you need to face while you are sitting/working and your head pointing direction while sleeping. Use your floor plan or if you don’t have one, draw your house outline on a paper and denote the facing direction and other sectors of your property. Click here to know more about how to find different sectors of your house.

Refer to the following table to know the optimal facing direction as per your Gua No.

Gua No.Facing Direction
5 (Male)Northeast
5 (Female)Southwest

Find out the wealth corner of your property for this 2020 year & face the favorable direction as per your Gua no. Your corrective actions along with FengShui measures will help you in creating better opportunities in life.

I hope this article will benefit you all. Please feel free to get back to us with any of your queries or questions at info@thefengshuiacademy.com.

Best Wishes,
The FengShui Academy Team

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