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  • Date: Jun 22, 2018
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Classical, Feng Shui results are like sweet fruits from flowering trees. Some formulas like Qi Men Dun Jia in Feng shui can give you prompt results!

You need to follow few simple rules just like watering the tree every day to grow fruits.

Fengshui is basically a science of balancing 5 elements,  Yin – Yang theory & how to balance this with our destiny is an Art.

Let’s start understating right now about how to use few basic steps of Feng Shui for a better living.

First of all,
(1) Download one good Feng Shui Compass on your device or use any accurate manual compass available in the stores.
Iphone Users – Compass (in-built) or Arch Compass.
Android Users – Feng Shui Compass for free by First Bird Technology.
(2) Check your Gua No. Use the following link to know how to calculate your Gua No.
(3) Check Your Gua belongs to which group. East or West group.

If your Gua No is – 1,3,4,9. You belong to East Group and the number detones the following directions:
1 – North.
3 – East.
4 – Southeast.
9 – South.

If your Gua No is – 2,5,6,7,8. You belong to West Group and the number detones the following directions:
2 – Southwest
5 – Middle Part (Not a direction)
6 – Northwest
7 – West
8 – Northeast.

The above-mentioned group directions show your favorable directions.

You should always face/look your favorable directions while you spend your maximum time like sitting at home or at an office and head pointing direction while sleeping. Also, your house’s/workplace’s main door and gas stove (kitchen) should face one of your favorable facing direction. Isn’t this simple?

Let me demonstrate to you one.

Example: –
Male person born on  10 Jun 1973.
Gua No as per the calculation is: 9
So he belongs to East Group.

So he has to face:
East, Southeast, North or South (favorable directions for him) for great success.

There are also ways to use negative directions with other parameters when you don’t have many positive choices available. We shall discuss this in our future articles.

As our title says all the above suggestions are basic steps towards Classical Feng Shui and to start experiencing positive results. After all Classical Feng Shui is a much more detailed subject with all the advanced theories and formulas.

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