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  • Date: Jun 20, 2018
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When you add 2 + 2 do you ever say please trust or believe that it might be equal to 4 or it’s just simple definite calculation which anyone in the world can say it is nothing else but just 4! Similarly, you don’t have to believe or trust when its science or when it is any mathematic formula.

Feng Shui is the same and still, if results vary then it’s either mistake while adding up the details or the master is not experienced enough!

Did you ever notice people staying in the same building, but having different success and growth? Or in a family itself, someone achieves a good success while some do not or some continuously keep having relationship troubles? Do you also believe that it’s just the destiny that always controls everything? Then why even a noble person struggles for success while at times you see not so deserving people get exponential hike even without much efforts. Furthermore, have you also seen a person’s life changes after relocating his workplace or after moving into the new house?  How can you relate this? Do you still think its the destiny that changed overnight?

An answer to all your queries is that it is not just Destiny or fate; it depends on the deeper energy patterns called “Qi” which is surrounding you. Your “house” and “workplace” plays a major role in deciding your growth.

Over the period of time, many clients In their initial meet ask if FengShui is science or just a belief? Then, how could it be explained with scientific understandings? Let me begin by saying, that In any science, a basic segment is a perception. FengShui is a metaphysical science. Any new thing seems difficult to understand but when our minds are open we can first try to understand and experience it and then make our conclusion.

Qi is energy, life force. Whole art is to balance this Qi. Every degree is important, we don’t just see 8 directions but the whole range of 360 degrees of a compass is used to measure every detail and place the objects (door, stove, bed, office table, building a structure) on that exact degree of a match which suits you!
Thus it is a science of accuracy and proper judgment by using several formulas at a time and more experienced the consultant is the more depth his analysis will have to offer you the best FengShui advice.

Some of the Classical Feng Shui formulas and its actions:

Purple White for Yearly prediction
Qi Men Dun Jia for Universal Forces
Xuan Kong Da Gua for Accurate Earth Luck
BaZi for Destiny Analysis
ZeRi for Auspicious Date Selection

All the above formulas are very effective and only the expert practitioner would be able to implement all these for you.

Be aware that Classical FengShui is not about Furniture placement, Colour selection, Objects placement (articles), Aromatherapies, and many such myths instead it is purely direction based science. You need to accurately follow your good directions and avoid bad directions at any cost. Only then you can expect to get miraculous results.

Hope, this article will give you a clear understanding of the basis of FengShui and its applications.
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