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Many people often use the two terms Fate & Destiny interchangeably. However, this fallacy can be illuminated by the torch of “Classical FengShui”. What could be a better way to seek clarity in understanding the eternal question concerning the future, about ‘changing one’s fate or destiny’, than to delve into the past consisting the elixir of ancient knowledge!

#DESTINY SERIES is specially designed to educate everyone and to unfold all the mysteries related to our lives so that everyone can understand themselves better and achieve huge success!

People have a common notion about destiny, which is predetermined and that they don’t have any control over it. But that is NOT CORRECT!

Let us reveal all the myths related to Fate and Destiny. They both have completely different meanings.

What is FATE?

“Fate” comes from the Latin word Fatum meaning “that which has been spoken.” Fate is seen as divinely planned, whereas destiny has the power to be influenced by one’s own action.

It is something which is given to you directly without any choices.

For example:
1) Your parents and family

2) Situations and environment that you grew up in

3) The people that you have met

What is DESTINY?

Deriving from the Latin word Destinare, destiny means “that which has been firmly established.” While this definition also refers to the idea of predetermined events, destiny is something we can actively shape and alter. It means the choices we took as a result of the options presented.

For example:
1) The way you deal with your family and people at the workplace

2) What choices you have made from the given situations

3) What you do after meeting these people?

What’s the Difference between Fate and Destiny?

  • Fate is that which you cannot change. Destiny is that which you’re meant to do.
  • While fate is what happens when you don’t take responsibility for your life, destiny is what happens when you commit to growing, learning, and taking chances.
  • Being “destined for greatness” only comes through active and conscious decisions. But fate is what happens when you let other people and external circumstances dictate your life
  • Fate is when you meet with an OPPORTUNITY, what you do with an opportunity is DESTINY
  • If you do the right things according to your BaZi chart, you can be DESTINED to be SUCCESSFUL

Do We Have Control?

YES! You can have control over your Destiny.
Destiny Analysis – BaZi is a sophisticated art of Chinese fortune-telling based largely on the Chinese five-element theory, allowing us to investigate the potential and mysteries of our lives using our date and time of birth. This chart outlines events and life-path that are in store for you in the future. The events are predetermined to some extent but can be modified by the effects of your environment and your own free will to some extent.

How to Fulfil Your Destiny?

Destiny analysis advises you how to go along with the flow and take advantage of it as opposed to fighting your destiny. You can fulfill your Destiny by understanding the power of making an INFORMED DECISIONS in your life.

Hope this article helps you to clear the common misconceptions related to Fate and Destiny. I hope the tips here have inspired you to actively shape your life path, rather than leaving it down to the forces of fate alone.

At The FengShui Academy – What we do?

At The FengShui Academy, we aim to guide people with authentic time-tested knowledge of Classical FengShui while tapping into the most beneficial Qi available to improve one’s living and also to take your business to the next level.  We believe in exploring opportunities for our clients, as Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Together we can generate good fortune and create self-fulfilling prophecies through constantly honing our craft by creating and noticing opportunities, making goals centric decisions, positive expectations and a resilient attitude to transform bad luck into good!

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