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In our last article, we explored the first 3 components of the DESTINY ANALYSIS REPORT. Let us now unfold the final 3 components in this final article #DESTINY SERIES SIX.

Components of Destiny Analysis Report – Part 2

Component 4 – Best Career for you!

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if you have a high-income career that you love and are passionate about? It would be like winning the lottery. But not everyone is lucky to achieve this feat. So what does it take to get and stay in a job that is right for you?

The answer is BaZi. BaZi – a Chinese method of discovering your personality and how you can best use it to identify the perfect job for you and eventually creating the life you desire. Using simple and minute details like your birth date and time, BaZi is a tool to learn, discover and plan your life accordingly for the future.

Each one of us has a different set of birth time and date combination. Therefore, the attributes that these details decipher are unique as well. The key to the right career and eventually your success are these details.

BaZi is all about balancing the 5 elements – FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, and WOOD in your Destiny Chart which will bring job satisfaction and professional growth for an individual in life. To plot your chart, CLICK HERE.

Component 5Life-changing forecasting tips from the MASTER’s Desk!

Tips that would unfold the secrets of your life. It will give you the perfect optics to see the world to seek the best benefits. Explore the upcoming opportunities and events well in advance so that you can plan your winning route in advance.

Key Highlights Summary

  • Best work culture and organization for you to make big money
  • Know if you can benefit from joint ventures or collaborations
  • The best period in life for overall prosperity and success
  • Unfolding love life, life partners and in-laws stars
  • Traveling stars for you – may help you to understand possibilities & opportunities to travel through areas of work, studies or leisure
  • Accurately predicting and suggesting most effective and reliable tips to avoid any kind of weaknesses, problems or challenges that you may encounter at any point in your life
  • Forecasting specific sensitivity of organs and related illness and tips on how to take care of the same

Before moving to the last component of the destiny analysis report, let’s get back to the 33% Rule (page 4), which made you understand the cosmic trinity and the influence of Earth Luck in your life.

All the above-mentioned talents, tips and suggestions in your report will work more efficiently and effectively and bring in a healthy state if correct FengShui Suggestions are taken into consideration minutely and followed them with great interest in your life. This will help you lead a path of least resistance!

One Mantra for a lifetime – “I will always stay in the HEALTHY STATE and follow my FAVOURABLE DIRECTIONS in life”

Component 6 – Customised FengShui Suggestions (Earth Luck)

Customized Classical FengShui suggestions help to achieve optimum wealth, health, positive relationships and overall development in life.

Key Highlights Summary

  • Good facing directions to follow
  • Inauspicious facing directions

Things to Follow

  • Good locations for you. Click here to understand how to find locations of your house
  • Correct Gas Stove facing and head pointing while sleeping directions
  • Excellent Education direction for career

Things to Avoid

  • One direction to avoid at any cost for purchasing any property
  • One location and facing direction to avoid as the main door, bedroom and gas stove
  • Avoid sleeping with the head pointing to directions
  • Worst facing direction while working or sleeping

I hope this destiny series must have unfolded a lot of mysteries about destiny and fate. Feel free to write back to us with any of your questions at

We wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2020!

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