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Chinese New Year – Year of the Water Tiger 2022


The Water Tiger Year starts on February 4, at 04:52 a.m. In Chinese, this date is known as the start of the Spring Li Chun. It is not the Chinese New Year. That will happen on February 1, 2022. Chinese New Year occurs on the new moon day of the first lunar month. Chinese New Year Day is not the first day of the Chinese zodiac year. The Year of the Tiger, 2022, in the Hsia calendar, is symbolized by two Chinese characters – with Yang Water sitting on top of Tiger which is the Wood element. Water strengthens the Wood Tiger because the main element of the tiger is wood. When we have this producing relationship, we say that it will help to resolve conflict and bring more harmony to the international relationship. The Water Tiger year will be a more positive, productive, peaceful and healing year after the disastrous COVID 19 pandemic which caused so many disruptions in the past two years. It’s too general to say this, so let’s dig deeper into specifics!

Energy in 2022

The energy in 2022 will be intense, full of competition and aggression. We are also going to see some very fast growth this year, as well as opportunities for highly skilled people and strategic planners to grab. The Tiger is springwood containing the elements of yang wood, yang fire and yang earth. Hence it is considered as the mother and birthplace of fire element and is strong in generating the seed of fire. This means that the long-absent fire in the last 3 years will finally emerge to bring warmth, positive energy and confidence.

Yang Water symbolizes powerful ocean water. It also represents intelligence, enthusiasm, devotion and pioneering.  As such, it is associated with positive drive and innovative ideas. A typical yang water person is Bill Gates. He is energetic, intelligent and innovative. Not only he is a successful business leader he is also a philanthropist donating plenty of his money for society and charity. However, the chart is very imbalanced this year. We have a lot of Wood and Water element but not much Earth, and the Earth is clashing with the water, which means that relationships will be tested. In summer, we will also see a sudden increase in the fire element, so be sure to check your insurance policy and whether you are covered for fire insurance during this time. It is worth pointing out that we have no metal element this year, which means a lack of real content and ideas, no real productivity, creativity, intelligence, as well as common sense. This year many will be acting out on impulses and anger. Whenever you feel angry, try to control yourself and not burst out right away.

Good Stars in 2022

We have an Academic star for the year which will help us understand new things quickly. An academic star is a symbol of intelligence and intellectual ability.  People who possess such stars in their birth chart may not get high grades at school but they are keen to explore and absorb the knowledge of their interest, hence they will be successful in the field where they enjoyed and find interest. Such people include Albert Einstein and Mark Zuckerberg. So, all babies born in 2022 automatically possess academic star Tiger in their birth year. This is a particularly beneficial quality in the modern world when high-tech business based on knowledge is of paramount importance.

The other star we have is Sky Horse which will lead to a lot of travelling physically and on e-commerce, online platforms but comes with negative aspects. This means that along with frequent movements and travelling it will also bring traffic accidents. So, it is advised to travel safely, especially during the month of February and August.


Element In 2022 Industries
MetalProsperousInvestment Banking, Automotive industries, High tech, Machinery, Engineering, E-commerce, Gaming, Jewellery, Law and legal
EarthProsperousSlow-moving, Real estate, Mining, Insurance, Computer software
WaterWell - PerformingTelecommunication, Transport and Shipping
WoodChallengingTextile, Paper, Magazines, Clothing
FireDifficultMedia, Fashion, Oil, Heat-related

The Metal and Earth industries are supposed to be prosperous. This is because metal conquers wood (metal chops wood), so the wood element is a symbol of money to the Metal industry.

The second-best industry will be Earth, as earth conquers water so the water means money to the Earth industry.

The Water industry sees wood as productivity, so water industries will also benefit from the growth and movement nature of wood.

The Wood industry is facing serious competition and the Fire industry is not making money in Tiger year as there is a total absence of metal which is their money.

Nobleman in 2022

The Tiger year is Nobleman year for people born in Ying Metal year or Ying Metal day. These are years ending with 1. Such as 1951, 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991 etc. Nobleman means angel coming from Heaven to provide rescue and support and such Nobleman often bring a solution to troubles and making the year more comfortable and smoother. In 2022, those who are having the Nobleman star can make progress and develop new projects.

Health & Precautions

The Tiger is the animal in a clash position against the Monkey. It is a clash between wood and metal elements and they are considered travelling stars.  So, it will trigger traffic accidents. Thus, there could be more car, train, airplane crashes. The Tiger is the birthplace of fire and in the human body, fire represents blood circulation and the heart, so it is a year with more inflammation and heart and blood diseases.

People who are born in the year of Tiger (1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022) are offending the year and people born in the year of Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016) are in a clash position against the year. People having these two animals anywhere in their BaZi chart usually have more movements and travelling in 2022. It is ok to take such a chance to make necessary changes such as moving house, moving office, changing job or taking trips.  However, they should take extra care and refrain from risky sports such as driving fast cars, skin diving and parachuting.

The Water element on top is related to the Kidneys, Urinary system and sex organs. However, such water sitting on wood is weak, so it is better to take recommended supplements to support the water-related organs. To support the Earth element-related organs such as the stomach and digestive system it is advised to take supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 and antioxidants. Note: Consult your physician before taking any supplements.


In the system of Four Pillars of Destiny, the Tiger is part of the Three Fire Penalty.  When the Tiger encounters Snake and Monkey (Check if you have these animals in your BaZi chart), it will create a massive amount of fire element.  If it is an unfavourable element to a person, he will encounter trouble related to fire, such trouble may range from bad relationships, legal trouble to even blood and heart problems and inflammation or even encounter fire disaster. Tom Cruise was born in the year of Tiger and day of water Tiger at the hour of Monkey, so every time the Snake year arrives, he will suffer from Tiger, Monkey, Snake penalty which affects his day pillar – the House of Spouse. Hence, he divorced Nicole Kidman in the Snake year of 2001 and again divorced Katie Holmes in the Snake year of 2013. Don’t panic if you have such formations in your chart, just stay calm, don’t expect too much from anyone, and stay away from ungrateful people. Simple!


Feng Shui energies also change from year to year. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out for the re-allocation of good and bad energies at the beginning of each year, so that we can take necessary precautions in case some bad energy happens to arrive at important locations of our residence or offices.

In the year of the Tiger, the bad energy called ‘Five Yellows’ – symbolizing obstacles and misfortune, arrives at the Centre.

Do: It is recommended that one hangs a metal wind chime in the Centre of the house to dissolve this bad energy.

Star 2, the star of illness, resides in the Southwest this year. Spending time in the southwest sector of your house in 2022 could have detrimental effects on your health.

Do: If your living room, bedroom or kitchen is in this sector, you can use metal items to mitigate its effects. It doesn’t need to be fancy. For example, a bowl of coins would do or hang a string of six metal coins in the affected area.

The ‘Grand Duke this year is in the Northeast, hence it is not favourable to “move the earth” or make substantial construction/renovation work in this location.

It is also not recommended for one to sit with back against North as you will be sitting against the unfavourable energy called ‘Three Killings’.

Note: Hold off any planned renovations in the above-mentioned locations until next year and only begin renovations after carefully selecting a good date if you have to do it this year.

Education: What if you want to learn something new this year? You might want to use Star 4 for that. It resides in the Southeast in 2022 and it can supercharge your learning abilities. The only thing you need to do in this area is to study and revise.

Career: For those looking to get a promotion or recognition at work, try Star 6. This star will be in the Northwest in 2022. It gives you a boost in confidence, increases authority, and your productivity.

Romance: If you’re looking for a special someone or trying to improve your existing relationships, bank on Star 9 in the South and conduct activities that will further your romantic goal here. In addition to being the secondary wealth star, it can also bring joy and happiness.

For a more reliable assessment of one’s fortune in the year of the Tiger, it is recommended that one checks their BaZi Destiny Chart, which requires full birth data information of the Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth.  As the animal signs can appear in all four pillars in a person’s BaZi chart.

Stay tuned as in our following articles we are going to share details on how each animal sign is going to perform in 2022. Please feel free to write back your thoughts to us at info@thefengshuiacademy.com

From everyone at The FengShui Academy, we would like to wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous year of the Water Tiger.

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