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Chinese New Year – Year of the Metal Ox 2021

2020 has been a roller coaster year so far with Covid-19 and as we are about to enter into the New Year’s energy, one thing which everyone is excited to know about is what should we expect from 2021? Well, to keep it very simple it will be nowhere near as challenging as 2020 but being receptive to many changes coming ahead and embracing them with great compassion will lead to a positive outcome and I am looking forward to next year although it will take some time to get back to normal I believe.

2021 is Xin Chou ( ) – Metal Ox Year. The Ox year starts on 3rd February 2021 at 23:00 hour.


2021 is symbolized by two Chinese characters: Yin Metal and the Ox. The Ox is also an Earth Element. In the Five Elements cycle, Earth births Metal. Because the Earthly Branch (Earth) supports the Heavenly Stem (Metal), you can say that this combination represents a more harmonious relationship. Therefore, you might expect 2021 to be a more peaceful year. Yin Metal is often compared to that of jewellery, precious and alluring. However, Yin Metal is deceiving because of its internal harsh and drastic nature that has a tendency to take extreme actions to achieve their goals.

Industries belonging to the Fire and Earth Elements will prosper and make progress. Ox is a Nobleman year for those born in years ending 4, 8, and 0, such as 1974, 1958, or 1960. Nobleman means secret help coming from Heaven to offer rescue and support. In the following article, we would like to highlight some key important points that you can take into consideration in 2021 to make it a successful one!


Every year comes with its own energy and it has different effects on your home and office. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the energy shifts. Avoid any kind of renovation in East, Southeast, Northeast, and Southwest location in 2021.

It is better not to renovate or dig in these areas as activating these unfavorable areas would invite accidents, health issues, and obstacles. This year, the negative energy called Three killings star is in the East sector which relates to violence, accidents, theft, and health complications. Year Breaker star is in Southwest 1 (entire Southwest if you aren’t aware of the exact measurements). The Grand Duke is in the Northeast 1 this year (entire Northeast if you aren’t aware of the exact measurements), so it’s best not to “move the earth” or make substantial construction work in this direction this year. Tip Look at the Southwest 1 instead of looking at Northeast 1. Positioning yourself this way will make you have the support of the Tai Sui behind you, which will help you to close deals. Five Yellow (or Star 5) that symbolize obstacles will reside in the Southeast sector. If it cannot be avoided, try using metal items, preferably brass, copper, or iron in this area to dissolve the negative energies.

Note: Hold off any planned renovations in the above-mentioned locations until next year and only begin renovations after carefully selecting a good date if you have to do it this year.

Health and Wellbeing

In 2021, specific health concerns related to the Metal, Fire, Earth, and Water elements need to be addressed. We will continue to see this health trend, including more prevalent cases of the flu and viral infections affecting people’s breathing organs such as the lungs, nose, and skin (Metal). Optimum care of the digestive system and pancreas is advised along with good control over diabetes. The weakness of the Fire element in 2021 means Fire element related organs are impacted. They include the heart, blood circulation, and overall vitality of the body. The excessive amount of Water this year could wreak havoc on the urinary system, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

Tip Consider taking specific supplements that help in stabilizing your Insulin hormone and also keep your blow flow stable. Be sure to check with your licensed health provider for any kind of health concerns without any delay.

Global Outlook – Industries in 2021 

Industries belonging to the Fire Element can expect prosperity. Fire industries include energy, power generation, restaurants, and entertainment. Next, are industries belonging to the Earth Element. Earth industries include real estate, land development, mining, insurance, computer software, and technology.
The Metal industries will have to make their specific way to bypass all the challenges this year. They include automobiles, engineering, banking, and machinery.  Water industries such as shipping, transportation, communication, and beverages will still have a tough time unless some major strategical planning is incorporated. The money prospect for the Wood industries is also weak and it includes tutoring (old fashioned – using blackboard), books, the environment, and climate change.

Important Note: If the FengShui of your property favors you then you can definitely expect some positive outcome irrespective of the field you are in. One of the core principles of Chinese metaphysics would help you understand this better. In short, industries belonging to the Fire and Earth Elements will prosper and make progress. All other industries will require more effort to sail through 2021.

Special tips for 2021

We can expect innovations in 2021, so concentrate on developing something that is indispensable and creates value for others. Also, don’t get carried away with the surface beauty of any situation, look what’s the real purpose behind it. Maintain strong emotional stability and invest your wealth strategically so that you can release it whenever the need be. Last but not the least, do take optimum care of your physical health and invest time in expanding your social network for the finest opportunities.

Stay tuned as in our following articles we are going to share details on how each animal sign is going to perform in 2021 and what are prosperous locations that you can use in 2021 for ultimate success. Please feel free to write back your thoughts to us at info@thefengshuiacademy.com

From everyone at The FengShui Academy, we would like to wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous year of the Metal Ox.

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