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Chinese New Year Ji (Yin Earth) Hai (Pig) begins on 4th February 2019 at 11.16 AM. The year of the Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai) 2019 follows the Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018 (Wu Xu). The Pig occupies the last twelfth position in the Chinese horoscope.

The Flying stars will change all around the world in every single home, business and building on the 4th February 2019, we will have a huge shift in energy and will need to make sure we are prepared for the year ahead.  The year 2019 is better than 2018 because 9 Sheng Qi star is released from the center. Pig is also a traveling star, so it is a favorable year for business tours and long distance traveling. Monkey – Tiger clash in 2019 will lead to an emotional set back so focusing on maintaining a relationship (between spouse and parents) should be the main motto in this year.

Western countries will do well in the coming Pig year as number 1 – Noble people star flies to West in 2019! Number 3 star flies to South, which denotes extremely genius star combination, so very good for Education. Number 4 star flies to North, which gives Name, Fame and Publicity.
The Year 2019 Sheng Qi is too strong so use ‘Sheng Qi’ for easy wealth generation.

Gua number and its respective Sheng Qi Direction

Gua No Sheng Qi Direction
1 SE
2 NE
3 S
4 N
5 (Male) NE
5 (Female) SW
6 W
7 NW
8 SW
9 E

Day Master of the year is Ren (Yang Water) Shen (Monkey).  Fire is the wealth element for the coming year and it is extremely powerful whereas Metal and Wood are the weak elements.  A good or strong type of Fire and Metal element is needed to control Metal and Wood respectively. Good quality Metal and Fire element are needed in personal BaZi (Destiny Chart) to get wealth easily this year. So If you have weak Metal or Fire element or if they are absent in your destiny chart then you can activate them by water placement with the help of Xuan Kong DaGua to avail the benefits.

Every year, we make predictions for the year ahead, and our forecast for 2018 was 100% accurate and based on our predictions for last year and the feedback from our clients, the majority were able to enjoy a productive and rewarding year of the Dog in 2018.

2019 Flying Stars

Stars and their location in 2019

Avoid any kind of renovations at above-mentioned locations in 2019.

Please note: Every good star does not give good results in every facing direction. The following master’s prediction table will help you understand it in a better way.

Predictions from the Master’s Desk for the Chinese New Year – 2019

Direction Suggestions and Exceptions
Southwest A big disaster location for 2019. So avoid using it as a bedroom or door. If the house faces North, Northwest or East then SW is the worst location to use.
West Excellent noble people star visits West. Avoid west door or room in West or East facing the building.
Northwest Good Sheng Qi star but not preferred at Northwest because fire is at heaven’s door.
North Excellent name, fame & education star visits North in 2019. But avoid North bedroom or door in North or South facing the building.
Northeast Good property star flies to Northeast.  Avoid using it if your building facing is East or Northeast.
East Good health star visits East so make the best use of it, Not applicable if your building is Southeast facing.
Southeast Beware of Fire Hazard due to excess fire element at the wood location. If your building facing is West extra care will be needed at Southeast location. Wisely water placement is advisable.
South Very Good. Avoid using it if your building facing is East, South or Northwest.

Taking all the above points into consideration will help enable you to prepare for the year ahead, prevent problems and ensure a successful 2019. We’ve been making these predictions for 21 years with staggering accuracy, and the Classical FengShui measures have been the way to secure an enjoyable year.

From everyone at The FengShui Academy, we would like to wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous and fabulous year of the Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai).

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