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Dr. Devanssh Dhruv

FengShui, BaZi and Qimen Consultant

A Dental Surgeon with a creative mind and skilful hands. From a very young age, he started learning Classical FengShui and BaZi (Destiny Analysis) from Harrindra Dhruv and other masters across the globe.

He is the team head at The FengShui Academy. He is extremely well known for his accurate predictions using BaZi and giving precise results with Classical FengShui and has more than a decade of experience in the field of Chinese Metaphysics. He also has a few publications to his name in the World Journal Of Advanced Scientific Research regarding Classical FengShui and myths regarding it and FengShui for Health and Overall Success published in Indian Dental Association’s Student Digest. Instrumental in online consulting, organizing seminars and courses for The FengShui Academy.


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