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The prosperity of any high rise building depends only on its Classical FengShui rules. In Classical FengShui facing & sitting directions are of utmost importance in applying various formulas of FengShui, many calculations are based on this information. Deciding facing direction is an art and It should be done correctly and precisely. Learn how to calculate the facing direction of your premises: https://www.thefengshuiacademy.com/directions/

Right opposite of the facing direction is the sitting direction. In FengShui, every flat’s main door location & its facing plays a vital role. In high rise properties and buildings, each & every unit (flats) must have the main door as per the building facing direction but not every flat’s main door is in the correct direction of the same building, so choosing the correct one which suits the building and your destiny should be the key factor to decide before purchasing it. Sitting direction of a property governs the building, which also decides the element of the building and takes the main role in deciding the best place to locate bedroom & kitchen within each flat.

If the main door, bedroom & kitchen are as per classic FengShui rules, one can achieve 50% marks on the spot. Remaining 50% will depend on one’s destiny chart. Personal Destiny chart (BaZi) will decide which door & facing are more powerful for him. In FengShui, there is no bad door or no best door for everyone. Main door value is different in each & every facing of a property. For example, Northeast door is good for ‘East’ facing buildings but least auspicious for ‘West’ facing buildings. So it is very important to plan well in advance when you want to build a classic high rise building for the betterment of all future tenants. In my experience without following the Classical FengShui rules, it is extremely hard to sell the flats for the builders too. We also take into consideration to calculate the best time (Muhurat) to start the building’s construction work.

In short, FengShui should be used at every minute step to help you achieve success in every step you do! Also, please note the placement of objects and items is a new concept introduced and passed off as FengShui in the 90s. In the old days, even though Chinese good luck objects were used by wealthy residents, they were never used in the context of ‘FengShui’ but always as part of ‘culture’. It has No “put theory” just placing auspicious luck objects are not which creates magic or affects you! Every FengShui book available in the market or superstores would give different ideas and concepts!

In advance classical FengShui, 64 parts (5.625*64) of 360 degrees are made to analyze and calculated, i.e. even less than one degree denotes a remarkable importance. Such fine calculations and measures are taken into consideration while planning and making arrangements within any property. Every degree has a different story!

I hope this article will help people to gain insight and to keep in mind while choosing their flat correctly before finalizing the deal. Please feel free to contact us with any of your queries related to FengShui. We would be happy to help you.

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