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Nowadays, health problems are increasing substantially even after an era of discovering new technologies & medicines. Bad diet, busy and stressful lifestyles are also responsible for it.

But I have observed in my 21 years of FengShui practice that Earth Luck also has a big role to maintain your good health.

What is Earth luck?

In FengShui there are 3 types of luck & have an equal role in everyone’s life.

  1. Heaven Luck– This luck comes with your birth which you can’t change.
  2. Man Luck– Your efforts towards work. Choose a right Day & Time to start a new business, long traveling or any new medical treatments.
  3. Earth Luck– How to choose or alter the property as per person’s destiny chart is called Earth Luck to receive best healthy energy.

In classical FengShui you can tell what type of problems or health issues you are facing now or which dispositions you would have to face in future after observing the floor plan of the property.  Dr.Pankil Dhruv is a member of our The FengShui Academy’s team. He runs a busy Homoeopathic practice in Mumbai and is also an efficient FengShui Consultant. He is becoming a leading homeopathic consultant in India with the zeal of energy and a strong network worldwide. He uses FengShui in his profession widely along with Homoeopathic treatment. He takes new cases on his excellent or best dates as he considers this as activating man luck and also studies the destiny chart of his patients. In a few difficult cases, he studies the floor plan of the patient’s house and suggests appropriate changes to be followed.

In a recent example, he quoted a patient from Bengaluru with a major health issue and hurdles she had in her life. He found her kitchen in Southeast location which was totally wrong for her destiny and house. He advised her to take medicines after changing the knob direction of the stove to her health direction. This was the best FengShui health prescription ever for her! As after 3 months span she felt a huge difference in her overall health status and also in her personal life, which she was suffering for the last 12 years.

Most of the houses nowadays are not built as per the basic rules of Classical FengShui and I strongly believe that you cannot get back your valuable health without applying proper FengShui in your house or workplace. It facilitates the proper flow of Qi for best recovery and to remove the recurring tendency. With proper medicine and good FengShui you can experience a miracle in your overall results!!

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