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  • Date: Jun 20, 2018
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I never worry about the problem. I worry about the solution. -Shaquille O’Neal

Every house has its own story, its own shape, and body which influences people staying within. So If we live in a home which has beneficial FengShui we feel much more comfortable and have a positive productive outcome.

FengShui consultations have been used in the house for various reasons such as to improve wealth status, relationship and career, find new partners, help children to study, improve family harmony, support and improve our health later in life so that we can enjoy the wealth which we’ve accumulated over the years.

If there are adverse FengShui influences in the immediate surroundings of our house, the effects of those FengShui influences can often be experienced us and could be analyzed during consultations, which can be then reduced or changed entirely with quite simple measures – expensive “FengShui Products” are not required.

Usually, if I overview this subject then I see there are ten main criteria which should fit in, I call it as genetic coding of your house. If that’s done well then success surely comes naturally, however as many of these points fall sort then that many fewer benefits that house would have.

In my experience of 21yrs, I have seen that there is no reservation of any corner for any area (i.e. Bedroom, Kitchen, etc) there is no watertight rule that kitchen has to be placed at the only particular part of your house. It all finally depends upon your house facing, BaZi (destiny analysis) of people staying or working there, the surrounding area and many other factors are also taken into consideration.

To explain better, here is a short interesting case example:

Recently, we visited a client residing in a west facing house and having several problems related to health, relationship, and failures. In west facing house, Southeast (SE) is the relation corner and SE was having bad FengShui as he had placed his kitchen there. Just by observing the place it can easily be predicted that he would have a relationship problem. Moreover, health-wise SE is also a corner which signifies influence on nerves, skin, and rheumatism related issues.

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution, similarly, the remedial measures suggested was to move kitchen in Lui Sha, Chung Ming direction of his house and some other measures which not only helped in improving his relationship issue but also brought good health opportunities and his business flourished too.

The FengShui of our home also influences the performance of our business, the more so if we run our business from a home office. The key to the whole thing is to have a correct idea about placing things (Main door, Kitchen, Bedroom, Water and Fire bodies) at proper locations and also the right time to move them when required, to improve the energy flow for achieving exponential results which you are seeking for.

Do you think that your house might be a cause to your multiple problems? If Yes, then don’t worry we are here to help you!

To know more on How to MATCH your OWN DNA with your HOUSE DNA please feel free to contact us.

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