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  • Date: Jul 22, 2018
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2018 – Your Success with Flying Stars!

Chinese Wu Xu (Earth Dog) year has already begun. Flying stars change their position every year.  Every star has their specific good and bad roles.  It is utmost important to use parts (locations) of the house/office which has Best or Good star to get excellent results. Even if we are unable to use the best stars, we should at least avoid the parts (locations) having the worst star.

Facing the direction of the building is very important to know. Follow this link https://goo.gl/cEQZHM to know more in detail about how to check the facing direction of your property.

The main door and bedroom should be amongst the Best/Good part of the property, but even if the main door of your property falls into the Worst part then at least bedroom should be in one of the Best/Good parts according to the Facing direction of your property to somewhat balance out the bad effects occurring on the main door.

I will be sharing with you 8 unique informative charts, which would help you to know all the best and worst parts (location) in all different scenarios for this dog year. It may look complex to understand but once you go through the entire article this will become easy to follow. At any point of query feel free to write to us.

Follow the steps below to make the best use of this article.

  1. Check to face a direction of your property.
  2. Make 9 equal parts of your property. (Check this link https://goo.gl/rsVUMn to know more about it)
  3. Find your property’s main door and bedroom location.
  4. Do the necessary changes by using best/good star locations whenever possible to get beneficial results.

Note: Results may vary depending upon different Gua numbers and various other factors.

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